Feit A19/HP LED Light Bulb Review


Feit A19/HP LED Light Bulb Review



The Feit A19/HP LED light bulb is designed to replace a non-dimmable 40 watt A19 incandescent light bulb.

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The Feit A19/HP LED Light Bulb is designed to replace a non-dimmable 40 watt A19 incandescent light bulb for use in household lamps and other general domestic lighting applications.  The Feit A19/HP LED light bulb is mercury free.

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Above: The Feit A19/HP LED light bulb packaging

The packaging for the Feit A19/HP LED light bulb belongs in the, “what were they thinking?” category.  This is an over-sized non-recyclable clear rigid plastic box with the bulb suspended dead center inside another layer of non-recyclable clear rigid plastic.  The top and bottom of the plastic box features black paper caps with reflective silver foil lettering.  The packaging just screams wasteful and should offend anyone who (a) cares at all about the environment and (b) wants to see their money going to the product, not the fancy packaging.  Silver foil letting?  What were they thinking?

While we loathe to defend this mind-numbingly ridiculous packaging, we have to give Feit credit for a very sturdy and protective packaging design.  Unless an elephant steps on it, or it’s dropped out of a moving UPS truck, or accidentally tossed into a running jet engine, the Feit packaging should deliver the LED bulb to you in tact.  Other than that, the packaging is a major fail.  Please do better Feit.


Above: The Feit A19/HP LED light bulb

Thankfully, things got better when we pulled the Feit bulb from it’s unfortunate container.  The fit, finish, and general build quality of the Feit A19/HP bulb is good, if not quite to the level of the direct competition from Philips, GE, and G7.

The Feit bulb design is a classic ice cream cone with a frosted lens and metal cooling fin base.  One interesting design choice is how the lower cone is wider than the lens making it impossible for this bulb to project light downward.

The Feit A19/HP isn’t exactly ugly, but it’s not pretty either.  Other LED bulb manufacturers can get away with more adventurous designs, but their designs are more aesthetically interesting and their fit and finish are in another league.  Of course our impressions of this bulb may be influenced by how disgusted we are with its packaging.  Hey Feit, first impressions matter.

IMPORTANT: The Feit A19/HP is almost 100% identical to the Utilitech Pro Warm White 0338802.  Please read that review before proceeding.


Left to right: Feit A19/HP, 40 watt incandescent, 40 watt CFL

The Feit A19/HP has a 180 degree light pattern making it suitable for downward light applications. Due to the lack of omni-directional light, we do not recommend the Feit A19/HP for table top lamps (as shown).


Left to right: Feit A19/HP, 40 watt incandescent, 40 watt CFL

Our light quality tests confirmed what we had suspected from our physical product examinations; the Feit A19/HP/LED and Utilitech 0338802 are almost identical LED light bulbs.  The difference is that the Utilitech 0338802 is dimmable, and the Feit A19/HP/LED is not.

Dimming aside, the color quality of the Feit/Utilitech bulbs are a cool white very similar to the GE 62180.  In comparison, the GE bulb is slightly more cool/grey and the Feit/Utilitech bulbs are slightly warmer, but we’re really splitting hairs.  All three bulbs project a nearly identical cool white light.

With the luxury of comparing well over a dozen 40 watt equivalent light bulbs side-by-side, we also favored the light color and quality of the warmer LED bulbs to the cool white Feit, Utilitech, and GE.  Side-by-side, the cool white light from the three bulbs appeared more industrial or clinical where the best warm LED bulbs were more natural and inviting.  The Feit, Utilitech, and GE bulbs all offer 450 lumens according to their manufacturers, but the Feit/Utilitech bulbs appeared a little brighter than the GE.

What truly differentiates the three bulbs (value and warranties aside) are their light patterns.  The Feit/Utilitech bulbs are 180 degree bulbs designed for down light applications and the GE 62180 is an omni-directional bulb designed for lamps and other more general lighting applications.  Again, the Utilitech is the only bulb of the bunch that dims.

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The Feit warranty on the Feit A19/HP LED light bulb is two years.  This warranty term is below average compared with the 40 watt LED competition and does not compare well to the impressive ten year warranty that comes with the GE 62180.


From the moment we saw the Feit A19/HP LED excessive and un-recyclable plastic packaging, we had a negative impression of the product.  We hope Feit takes this criticism to heart and improves their packaging in the near future.

Packaging aside, the Feit A19/HP LED presents a compelling value if you want a 40 watt equivalent, non-dimmable, 180 degree, cool white LED bulb.  That’s a long criteria list but, if that’s what you’re looking for, the Feit A19/HP LED is recommended.

We were not taken by the cool light quality of the Feit A19/HP LED, Utilitech 0338802, or GE 62180 and would describe their light as “industrial” and “clinical”.  We strongly prefer the warmer and more natural light offered by the LG 7.5W, Maxxima 380, and Philips 409938.


LED Light Review independently tested the Feit A19/HP LED light bulb with a Belkin Conserve Insight F7005 energy use monitor to measure the energy use (in watts), monthly and annual operation costs, and the monthly and annual amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) produced by the bulb. Here are the results of our tests:

Energy Used 8.1 watts
Monthly Operation Cost $0.68/month
Annual Operation Cost $8.31/year
Monthly CO2 produced 7.1 lbs/month
Annual CO2 produced 86.7 lbs/year

The monthly and annual cost and CO2 data are based on continuous LED bulb use, unspecified power generation sources (coal vs. nuclear vs. renewable, etc.), and unspecified electricity rates.  Please use this information for LED bulb comparison purposes only.


Brightness 450 lumens
Estimated Yearly Energy Cost N/A
Life N/A
Light Appearance 3,000 degrees Kelvin (warm white)
Energy Used 7.5 watts

UPC: 0-17801-13730-9
Order Number: A19/HP/LED