Philips 409904 LED Light Bulb Review


Philips 409904 AmbientLED Light Bulb Review



The Philips 409904 AmbientLED 12.5-Watt A19 LED light bulb is designed to replace a dimmable 60 watt A19 incandescent light bulb for use in household lamps.

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The Philips 409904 AmbientLED 12.5-Watt A19 LED light bulb is designed to replace a dimmable 60 watt A19 incandescent light bulb for use in household lamps and other general domestic lighting applications.  This Philips LED light bulb is mercury free.

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Above: The Philips AmbientLED light bulb packaging.

Before we reviewed the Philips 409904 AmbientLED light bulb, we were already annoyed by its packaging.  First, the Philips packaging is nearly impossible to open without destroying it.  Second, the Philips 409904 packaging uses an excessive amount of cardboard and plastic.

In Philips defense, the 409904 is a premium product and the tight layers of cardboard and plastic go a long way to protecting the light bulb during shipping and handling.  That said, we want to see Philips develop more efficient packaging for its LED bulb products.  Surely Philips, winner of the prestigious L-Prize competition, can create light bulb packaging that keeps the product protected using less plastic and paper.

UPDATE: A few weeks after we reviewed the Philips 409904, we reviewed the Philips 409938 which features some of the best LED light bulb packaging we’ve seen yet.  Let’s hope the packaging of the 409938 is the future of LED bulb packaging for Philips.


Above: The Philips AmbientLED light bulb

Once we had wrestled the Philips from its packing, we were immediately impressed with the solid and weighty feel of the bulb.  At 6.4 ounces, this LED bulb is a real heavy weight compared to standard incandescent light bulbs, which often weigh less than an ounce.

Aesthetically, the bulb is something you’re going to love or hate.  It’s a very futuristic design, in a 1960’s sci-fi kind of way.  The intense yellow-orange and battleship grey colors only make the Philips bulb look more odd.  If you’re planning to use this bulb in a lamp or other fixture where it will be clearly visible, you may find this odd futuristic look objectionable.  Then again, the “trekkies” among us will probably fall in love, at light speed.

LIGHT PATTERN: Omni-Directional

Left to right: Philips 409904 LED, 60 watt incandescent, 60 watt CFL

The Philips 409904 AmbientLED light bulb has an omni-directional light output and would be suitable for table top lamps and other general lighting applications.


Left to right: Philips 409904 LED, 60 watt incandescent, 60 watt CFL

Compared side-by-side with our reference 60 watt soft white incandescent light bulb, the light color from the Philips 409904 Ambient LED is more warm/yellow.  If you’re using warm/yellow 60 watt incandescent light bulbs in your home now, you will probably like the warm/yellow light from the Philips.

When we compared the Philips 409904 to our favorite 60 watt equivalent LED bulbs, the light from the Philips was too warm and yellow for our liking.  For example, the Sylvania 78823 was significantly less warm, and offered a more natural, clear, and inviting light quality.  We admired the Philips 409904 for its incandescent-like yellow/warmth, but preferred the Sylvania.

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The Philips warranty on the Philips 409904 light bulb is six years. This warranty term is above average compared with the 60 watt LED competition.


If you’re looking for a 60 watt equivalent LED light bulb with omni-directional light, the ability to dim, and a warm/yellow light quality, the Philips 409904 is the LED light bulb for you.  The only other possible caveat would be the rather futuristic sci-fi aesthetics of the Philips 409904.  We really liked the beam-me-up look of this product, but we wouldn’t want this bulb showing in a room with more traditional decor and/or furnishings.

With the benefit of being able to compare LED bulbs side-by-side, we quickly realized that the Philips was too warm and yellow for our tastes.  We strongly prefer the less warm but very natural light from the Sylvania 78823.

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The Philips 409904 AmbientLED is also available in a discounted four pack for $110, or about .50 cents less per LED light bulb.

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LED Light Review independently tested the Philips AmbientLED Light Bulb 409904 LED light bulb with a Belkin Conserve Insight F7005  energy use monitor to measure the energy use (in watts), monthly and annual operation costs, and the monthly and annual amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) produced by the bulb.  Here are the results of our tests:

Energy Used 12.7 watts
Monthly Operation Cost $1.06/month
Annual Operation Cost $12.96/year
Monthly CO2 produced 11.1 lbs/month
Annual CO2 produced 134 lbs/year

The monthly and annual cost and CO2 data are based on continuous LED bulb use, unspecified power generation sources (coal vs. nuclear vs. renewable, etc.), and unspecified electricity rates.  Please use this information for LED bulb comparison purposes only.


Brightness 805 lumens
Estimated Yearly Energy Cost $1.45*
Life 22.8 years**
Energy Star Compliant Yes
Light Appearance 2,690 degrees Kelvin (warm white)

Energy Used 12.5 watts

* Based on 3 hours/day, 11 cents/Kilowatt hour. Actual cost depends on rates and use.
** Based on 3 hours of use per day.

Ordering Code: BC12A19/AMB/2700-800 DIM
Model No: 12E26A60-I
ID: 822061
UPC: 0-46677-40990-6

Conclusion Rating
3 stars