Samsung SI-I8V101180US LED Light Bulb


Samsung SI-I8V101180US LED Light Bulb Review



The Samsung SI-I8V101180US 10-watt A19 LED light bulb is designed to replace a dimmable 40 watt A19 incandescent light bulb for use in household lamps.

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The Samsung SI-I8V101180US 10-watt A19 LED light bulb is designed to replace a dimmable 40 watt A19 incandescent light bulb for use in household lamps and other general domestic lighting applications. The Samsung LED light bulb is mercury free.

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Above: The Samsung SI-I8V101180US LED light bulb packaging

The Samsung SI-I8V101180US LED light bulb is beautifully presented in an oversized hard plastic box. The full-color thin cardboard packaging inside features a blue sky and clouds behind the bulb and clearly states the bulb’s benefits, “40,000 hours, 40 watt replacement, 5 year warranty”. The Lighting Facts are easy to locate on the top left corner of the box rear, as is the warranty and other specifications.

If protecting the bulb was the priority, Samsung has hit it out of the park with a second hard plastic shell inside the plastic box. You could probably drop this box from chest height onto concrete and not damage the bulb. Heck, you could probably throw this packaging across a parking lot and not hurt the bulb, seriously.

That’s about the best praise I can give the Samsung SI-I8V101180US packaging, which is now one of worst offenders of using stiff, sharp, and non-recyclable plastic we’ve seen from the LED light bulb manufacturers. Between the large non-recyclable outer plastic box and the non-recyclable plastic interior packaging, we have to give Samsung a low packaging mark.

Aren’t LED light bulbs supposed to be environmental products? Maybe using minimal and recyclable packaging is something that’s important to the target consumers? At least don’t waste our money on lavish and overdone multi-layer, multi-material packaging. Please do better with your LED light bulb packaging Samsung.


Above: The Samsung SI-I8V101180US LED light bulb

The Samsung SI-I8V101180US is actually a very good looking product. The overall shape mirrors a traditional light bulb while in essence being a ice-cream cone style LED light bulb. The lens is a frosted white polycarbonate pinched-in along its equator to meet the cone. The metal cone features twenty five thin vertical cooling fins which meet a curving white base and A19/E26 screw. The bulb is quite attractive and relatively low profile for an LED light bulb. The Samsung SI-I8V101180US strikes us a mature looking product, and that’s a compliment.

Build quality is a little more mixed. The bulb feels solid in the hand with tight seams and what appears to be excellent quality control, but there is some physical play between the white plastic base and the metal cooling fins. Of course this is ridiculous nit-pick which will likely not affect the performance or longevity of the light bulb.

LIGHT PATTERN: Omni-Directional

Left to right: Samsung SI-I8V101180US, 40 watt incandescent, 40 watt CFL

The Samsung SI-I8V101180US LED light bulb has an omni-directional light output and would be suitable for table top lamps and other general lighting applications.


Left to right: Samsung SI-I8V101180US, 40 watt incandescent, 40 watt CFL

It never ceases to amaze us just how different LED light bulbs are when they are turned on. All of lumens, degrees Kelvin, CRI numbers, and other Lighting Facts go out the window when you finally look at the quality and color of the light presented by a LED light bulb. This is where science meets art, and a LED bulb gets a thumbs up, or the lions.

The Samsung SI-I8V101180US did very well in our LED light bulb lab arena and was spared the big hungry cats. In light color, the Samsung was closest to the cool white of the GE 62180, but with a very subtle touch of warm/yellow that makes the light color of the Samsung more natural and appealing than the GE.

If the Samsung has a fault it’s a very, very slight green tint. It’s extremely subtle, sometimes to the point where we weren’t sure we were seeing it. With a lamp shade, there’s almost no chance this nearly imperceptible color quality would be a factor.

For anyone who likes their light color predominantly white with a very subtle touch of natural yellow-warmth, the Samsung is a strong recommendation. We’re very excited about this bulb. Nice work Samsung.

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The warranty for the Samsung SI-I8V101180US LED light bulb is 5 years.


It’s an exciting time to be following the progress of LED light bulb products and technology. It seems like every month brings new products which promise to push the quality and value of LED light bulbs into the future they promise.

The Samsung SI-I8V101180US is an important LED bulb in this fast changing product progression. The Samsung is an easy recommendation for anyone who wants a natural white light color with a very subtle touch of yellow/warmth. We’re confident that the Samsung light color is natural and will make a lot of LED light bulb consumers happy for a long time. Highly recommended.


LED Light Review independently tested the Samsung SI-I8V101180US with a Belkin Conserve Insight F7005 energy use monitor to measure the energy use (in watts), monthly and annual operation costs, and the monthly and annual amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) produced by the bulb. Here are the results of our tests:

Energy Used 10 watts
Monthly Operation Cost $0.83/month
Annual Operation Cost $10.17/year
Monthly CO2 Produced 8.7 lbs/month
Annual CO2 Produced 106 lbs/year

The monthly and annual cost and CO2 data are based on continuous LED bulb use, unspecified power generation sources (coal vs. nuclear vs. renewable, etc.), and unspecified electricity rates.  Please use this information for LED bulb comparison purposes only.


Brightness 550 lumens
Estimated Yearly Energy Cost $1.20
Life 36 years
Energy Star Compliant N/A
Light Appearance 3,000 degrees Kelvin (warm)
Energy Used 10 watts

Model No: SI-I8V101180US
Catalog No: SLA0-A19-40-AYD-830-DI-R
UPC: 0-36725-57027-6
ID No 1: 4EU2
ID No 2: E340240