Sylvania 78907 Ultra LED Light Bulb


Sylvania 78907 Ultra LED Light Bulb Review



The Sylvania 78907 Ultra LED light bulb is designed to replace a dimmable 60 watt A19 incandescent light bulb.

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The Sylvania 78907 Ultra LED light bulb is designed to replace a dimmable 60 watt A19 incandescent light bulb for use in household lamps and other general domestic lighting applications. The Sylvania 78907 Ultra LED light bulb is mercury free.

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Above: Sylvania Ultra 78907 LED light bulb packaging

We were very hard on Sylvania for the train wreck packaging that contains their 78823 LED light bulb. While the 78823 packaging does a fair job of protecting the bulb, the excessive layers of plastic and cardboard are screaming for a more efficient design and require the destruction of the packaging to access the product.

In stark and wonderful contrast, the packaging for the Sylvania Ultra LED 78907 is a simple cardboard box. Inside there are two cardboard inserts that keep the bulb upright in the box and provide protection during shipping and handling. This is fast becoming the standard LED packaging design and we’re thrilled that Sylvania has made the change. Excellent work Sylvania.

The only possible knock we have on this packaging is that the cardboard itself is a little thin allowing the lower insert inside the box of our review sample to tear. This tear allows the bulb screw base to move inside the box, but most likely does not present a real threat to the bulb during shipping. Minor quibble, major improvement.


Above: Sylvania 78907 Ultra LED light bulb

If you thought Sylvania’s new “Plain Jane” cardboard box packaging was any indication of what the 78907 bulb would look like, you’re in for a real shock. Aesthetically, this is one totally amazing and out of this world light bulb. At first blush, our team said it looked like something out of Star Wars, a futuristic jet turbine, or perhaps an alien eyeball. This is what technology was supposed to look like in 2012. Very, very cool.

Then again, the Sylvania 78907 may send a few unsuspecting citizens of Earth running for their lives, or at least back to the store as they couldn’t possibly imagine having something so radically designed in their house, much less their lamps. Yes, it’s cool, but the 78907 is never going to blend in as just another light bulb. It’s too out-of-this-world to be dull or domestic.

We’re happy to announce that the fit and finish issues that plagued the Sylvania 78823 are no where to be found on the 78907. The seams on the intricate base and multi-lens design are very tight and the bulb feels very solid and sturdy in the hand. The 78907 also fits our test lamp, something the 78823’s generous girth failed to accomplish.

How the same company designed and manufactured both LED bulbs is a total mystery to us. The Sylvania 78907 is a quantum leap forward in design, fit, and finish. Wow.

LIGHT PATTERN: Omni-Directional

Left to right: Sylvania 78907 Ultra LED, 60 watt incandescent, 60 watt CFL

The Sylvania Ultra LED 78907 LED light bulb has an omni-directional light output and would be suitable for table top lamps and other general lighting applications.


Left to right: Sylvania 78907 Ultra LED, 60 watt incandescent, 60 watt CFL

The Sylvania Ultra 78907 buzzed audibly immediately after being turned on. This continued in multiple lamps and fixtures, in dimmable applications and non-dimmable applications. Hopefully we received a bad review sample and will be able to update this review with a new sample.

Based on it’s amazing design, and our affinity for the light quality of the Sylvania Ultra 78823, we had very high hopes for the new Sylvania 78907. Unfortunately, our hopes were dashed when we compared these two bulbs side-by-side. Where the Sylvania 78823 presented a pleasant and inviting warm/yellow light color with a subtle touch of pink, the new Sylvania 78907 was was overly warm/yellow and not nearly as natural as the older model. Major bummer.

When we compared the Sylvania 78907 to our other favorite 60-watt equivalent LED bulbs, it faired no better. While we absolutely adore the radical design of this bulb for it’s out-there and fun style, the light quality makes us wonder if Sylvania spent all their time designing the bulb and forgot to make its light quality something anyone would want in their home. We would have much preferred an updated version of the 78823 with improved build quality and efficiency.

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The warranty for the Sylvania Ultra LED 78907 LED light bulb is 3 years.


The Sylvania Ultra LED 78907 is a missed opportunity.  Had Sylvania taken their fantastic 78823 and manufactured it to the high level of fit and finish of the new 78907, we would have a five star product on our hands.

Instead, Sylvania threw everything out the window and gave us the sci-fi inspired 78907. Nothing about this bulb will fit comfortably in a domestic setting. The outrageous design could be overlooked if the light quality of the 78907 was something to write home about. It isn’t.

If you’re shopping for a 60-watt equivalent LED light bulb, there are much better choices available including Sylvania’s own 78823, Philips L-Prize 42022-4, and the EcoSmart 400-674.

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LED Light Review independently tested the Sylvania Ultra LED 78907 with a Belkin Conserve Insight F7005 energy use monitor to measure the energy use (in watts), monthly and annual operation costs, and the monthly and annual amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) produced by the bulb. Here are the results of our tests:

Energy Used 11.8 watts
Monthly Operation Cost $0.99/month
Annual Operation Cost $12.08/year
Monthly CO2 Produced 10.3 lbs/month
Annual CO2 Produced 126 lbs/year

The monthly and annual cost and CO2 data are based on continuous LED bulb use, unspecified power generation sources (coal vs. nuclear vs. renewable, etc.), and unspecified electricity rates.  Please use this information for LED bulb comparison purposes only.


Brightness 820 lumens
Estimated Yearly Energy Cost $1.45
Life 23 years
Energy Star Compliant N/A
Light Appearance 2,700 degrees Kelvin (warm)

Energy Used 12 watts


Model No: X22603 – LED12A19/DIM/0/827
UPC: 0-46135-78907-6
Intertek: 4004755