Utilitech 0338802 LED Light Bulb Review


Utilitech 0338802 LED Light Bulb Review



The Utilitech 0338802Pro Warm White LED Light Bulb is designed to replace a dimmable 40 watt A19 incandescent light bulb.

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The Utilitech 0338802 Pro Warm White LED Light Bulb is designed to replace a dimmable 40 watt A19 incandescent light bulb for use in household lamps and other general domestic lighting applications. The Utilitech 0338802 Pro Warm White LED Light Bulb is mercury free.


Above: The Utilitech 0338802 Pro Warm White LED light bulb packaging

Maybe we should come up with a new joke; “How many light bulb packaging designers does it take to design a proper LED light bulb package?”  Unfortunately for Utilitech, the answer seems to be at least one more than they have.

While the cylindrical plastic Utilitech packaging is attractive, it’s also a huge waste of non-recyclable plastic material.  In its favor, the bulb seems to be somewhat protected, although the thin plastic side walls are easy to compress.  Based on the fact that the packaging is made almost entirely of non-recyclable plastic, we have to give the bulb a low packaging rating.  Next time Utilitech, try a simple, and recyclable, cardboard box.


Above: The Utilitech 0338802 Pro Warm White LED light bulb

There is no way to open the Utilitech packaging without destroying it.  After attempting to pry off the top and bottom plastic caps, we eventually broke out the scissors and cut the bulb from it’s stupid beyond belief packaging.  We already gave Utilitech a hard time about it’s packaging, but after navigating the sharp edges of the cut plastic, we think they deserve a little more.  Bad Utilitech.  Very bad.

Once free from it’s tragically designed vessel, the bulb revealed itself to be almost physically identical to the Feit A19/HP.  We had to look very, very close to spot a few differences.

First, the Feit A19/HP appears to have ever so slightly tighter seems than the Utilitech.  Second, the further most outward circumference of the Feit A19/HP cone was flat where the Utilitech was sightly rounded.  The silver paint on the cone bases was slightly metallic and textured on the Feit, more flat with a matte finish on the Utilitech.

Okay, let’s stop beating around the bush here.  It appears that both of these led light bulbs are manufactured by the same factory, or using the same molds and design in different factories.  Either way, the Feit A19/HP appears to be a marginally higher grade version of the Utilitech Pro 0338802.

Taking another look at the Utilitech and Feit packaging, we noticed that the Utilitech packaging states in fine print, “Distributed by/Distribuido por: Feit Electric Company”.  We knew it!  The addresses even match.  Case solved.  Other than the Feit A19/HP appearing to be a lightly better example, the Feit and Utilitech bulbs are physically identical because they are made by the same company.  And they say there’s no investigative journalism in this country any more.

IMPORTANT: The Utilitech 0338802 Pro Warm White LED light bulb is almost 100% identical to the Feit A19/HP.  Please read that review before proceeding.


Left to right: Utilitech 0338802 Pro, 40 watt incandescent, 40 watt CFL

The Utilitech 0338802 has a 180 degree light pattern making it suitable for downward light applications. Due to the lack of omni-directional light, we do not recommend the Utilitech 0338802 for table top lamps (as shown).


Left to right: Utilitech 0338802 Pro, 40 watt incandescent, 40 watt CFL

Our light quality tests confirmed what we had suspected from our physical product examinations; the Feit A19/HP/LED and Utilitech 0338802 are almost identical LED light bulbs. The difference is that the Utilitech 0338802 is dimmable, and the Feit A19/HP/LED is not.

Dimming aside, the color quality of the Feit/Utilitech bulbs are a cool white very similar to the GE 62180. In comparison, the GE bulb is slightly more cool/grey and the Feit/Utilitech bulbs are slightly warmer, but we’re really splitting hairs. To most of our review panel, all three bulbs projected a nearly identical white light.

With the luxury of comparing well over a dozen 40 watt equivalent light bulbs side-by-side, our review panel also favored the light color and quality of the warmer LED bulbs to the cool white Feit, Utilitech, and GE. Side-by-side, the cool white light from the three bulbs appeared more industrial or clinical where the best warm LED bulbs were more natural and inviting. Clearly this a personal preference and you may prefer the cooler white light.

The Feit, Utilitech, and GE bulbs all offer 450 lumens according to their manufacturers, but the Feit/Utilitech bulbs appeared a little brighter than the GE. In the future, LED Light Review will acquire a proper meter to accurately measure the lumen output.

What truly differentiates the bulbs (cost and warranties aside) are their light patterns. The Feit/Utilitech bulbs are 180 degree bulbs designed for downlight applications and the GE 62180 is an omni bulb designed for lamps and other more general lighting applications.


The Utilitech warranty on the Utilitech 0338802 light bulb is two years. This warranty term is below average compared with the 40 watt LED competition and does not compare well to the impressive ten year warranty that comes with the GE 62180.


We were not impressed with the non-recyclable packaging of the Utilitech 0338802 and hope that Utilitech addresses this aspect of their product as soon as possible.

Packaging aside, the Utiltech strikes us as narrow niche product, just like the nearly identical Feit A19/HP/LED.  If you want a 40 watt equivalent, non-dimmable, 180 degree, cool white LED bulb, the Utilitech 0338802 is a strong value and an easy recommendation.

Our review panel was not taken by the cool light quality of the Utilitech (or the similar Feit) and described it as “industrial” and “clinical”. They strongly preferred warmer 40 watt equivalent LED light bulb choices including the LG 7.5W, Maxxima 380, and Philips 409938.


LED Light Review independently tested the Utilitech 0338802 Pro Warm White LED light bulb with a Belkin Conserve Insight F7005 energy use monitor to measure the energy use (in watts), monthly and annual operation costs, and the monthly and annual amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) produced by the bulb. Here are the results of our tests:

Energy Used 8.1 watts
Monthly Operation Cost $0.68/month
Annual Operation Cost $8.31/year
Monthly CO2 produced 7.1 lbs/month
Annual CO2 produced 86.7 lbs/year

The monthly and annual cost and CO2 data are based on continuous LED bulb use, unspecified power generation sources (coal vs. nuclear vs. renewable, etc.), and unspecified electricity rates.  Please use this information for LED bulb comparison purposes only.


Brightness 450 lumens
Estimated Yearly Energy Cost $.90*
Life 22.8 years**
Light Appearance 3,000 degrees Kelvin (warm white)
Energy Used 7.5 watts

* Based on 3 hours/day, 11 cents/Kilowatt hour. Actual cost depends on rates and use.
** Based on 3 hours of use per day.

UPC: 0-17801-99785
Model No: LA19DM/LED
Item Number: 0338802
450 series